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Nonny grew up in Philadelphia, PA and attended Lehigh University for architectural engineering.  From the age of 15, he started working in an industrial metal shop for a large drilling company where he learned to weld, fabricate, and manipulate large metal.  In engineering school, the rules, codes, and limitations of architecture and practicality really limited his preference for designing the unconventional, mathematical, and illusion type projects that he prefers. 


After nearly a decade of depression, alcohol/drug abuse up until his late 20’s, he now works Full time in making this world a more inspiring place.  Sober for more than 10 years now, his favorite theme of work is to incorporate positive, life affirming meanings into each piece.  Each piece is more than just metal, it is a positive message from his own life lessons.  Each piece reminds the viewer that beauty doesn’t have to come from a perfect place.   Mental health is amongst the main focal point of the various pieces, trying to bring the viewer into the deeper realization that Everyone is their own unique walking miracle.  Once they realize that, the sky is the limit.


Born with degenerative hip dysplasia, scoliosis, and osteoarthritis, Nonny still remains a part-time paid athlete for several different sports.  With a total knee replacement, 2 total hip replacements, a broken pelvis held together with two large titanium plates, both wrists fused, Nonny jokes that the reason he loves metal so much is because he is bionic with the titanium joint replacements.  This is another topic of his artwork pieces: reminding the viewer that some of the most unique pieces and sculptures are often ‘missing something’, yet that is what makes them (and everyone) their own masterpiece. 


Nonny has worked for various large furniture design brands, finish carpentry companies, world renowned sculpture companies, and many metal fabrication shops.  He always did his own creations on the side, in hopes of one day opening up his own shop to work exclusively full time on mind-puzzling and optical illusion types of work.  6 years ago, he was able to open his shop in San Diego, CA and has been working for himself ever since.  He has various pieces on display throughout the country, in private businesses, commercial buildings, high end homes, and art galleries spanning from Connecticut to Hawaii. 


His goal is to create pieces that not only look aesthetic and mesmerizing, but also to convince the viewer of their own innate value and potential.  Nonny says “I want people to realize how amazing and powerful they already are, and how to realize that God looks at YOU the way an artist proudly looks at his finished piece”.   He says “I want people to realize their uniqueness without having to go through the darkness and pain that I did for so long”. 


When asked if he would change the past, Nonny says “No.  As dark as it was, and as embarrassing or shameful that I feel about myself during those addiction-laden years, I think the only reason I survived was to show people that we can overcome.  Roses can grow through concrete.  And I wouldn’t be as determined to make people see their own uniqueness, if I hadn’t gone through it.”


His main goal as you read the descriptions and narratives of each piece, is to teach/remind you that “we are all artists, because God is.  And you are your own walking, unique masterpiece, so lift up your head and smile knowing you are exactly 1, out of 1 ever created”. 

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