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Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Nonny’s fascination with metal began at the age of 15 when he began working as an apprentice welder and fabricator for United Drilling Company.  He continued his education and experience at Lehigh University, in Bethlehem, PA, studying Architectural Engineering. His artistic design combined with his craftsman skill, have guided Nonny’s passion into fine art metal and sculptures ranging in size from desktop to rooftop.

A former professional rollerblader and skier, athletics have been a backbone of his life’s journey.  Nonny has always found ways to turn life’s hardships into triumphs. Combatting several injuries, surgeries, and addiction; Nonny doesn’t hide any imperfections in his own life. His art highlights and celebrates the differences in people, and the beauty found in diversity.  Each sculpture often has missing pieces, is crooked, imperfect, or scarred.  These creations represent his own life, but also relate to all of us.  Despite being unconventional, or even bizarre, it’s our ‘one of a kind’ uniqueness that makes each of us a walking, living piece of art.  The goal of his art is to remind you to be proud of your journey, celebrate uniqueness, and despite the scratches, scars, and detours, we are all perfectly imperfect.

Nonny advocates for sobriety, mental health, addiction, and even surgery recoveries through public speaking appearances. Before the age of 38 Nonny had undergone bilateral hip replacements, a knee replacement, bilateral wrist reconstruction, and many more “repairs”.  Despite these trials, Nonny continues to ski, hike, mountain bike, and workout to maintain his lifestyle and heavy lifting demands of his business.


To encourage creativity, uniqueness, and the bravery to stand out, make mistakes, and be the living work of art that you are.  Every piece celebrates the light AND darkness that we all encounter.  


To encourage people to look at themselves, and others as never ending works of art.  We are all unique in our own triumphs, failures, talents, and difficulties.  Each piece is a testament to our own beauty of being perfectly imperfect.

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